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Immediate implantation with CAD/CAM and functional restoration in the aesthetic zone

The aesthetics are always a significant challenge during implant restoration, especially in the aesthetic zone, in addition to the full consideration ...

Zolid DNA Generation: Amann Girrbach lancia una nuova generazione di grezzi in ossido di zirconio

“Nel come, ecco dove sta la differenza”, lo sapeva già il poeta, drammaturgo e librettista viennese Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874-1929). E anche per ...

Amann Girrbach continues to impress

COLOGNE, Germany: In front of a sizeable crowd on 22 March, Austria-based company Amann Girrbach held an informative presentation at the International ...

Interdisciplinary treatment of a patient with 11 missing permanent teeth: A biomimetic approach

The current level of technology and specialisation in all areas of life allow us to assess correctly our capabilities and limitations in the treatment of ...