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EvoDent Company Profile

About Us

EvoDent is a state-of-the-art dental 3D printing system, a subsidiary under UnionTech 3D. UnionTech has nearly 20 years of proven leadership in globally sourced 3D printing systems and has grown to be the market leading brand in China. Now we have broadened our opportunities to support the dental industry with offices in North America and Europe.

We released the EvoDent product line in 2017, specially designed for the dental industry, the EvoDent 3D system is setting a new standard for dental 3D printing in efficiency, speed, quality and software capabilities. With our technology partners, like Texas Instruments, we offer an innovative dental 3D printing solution for your dental needs.


Our Mission

Redefining possibilities in digital dentistry.

Our Vision

Our objective is to develop digital dental solutions to enable our labs and clinics to create dental results with high resolution in short time.

EvoDent Technology

The EvoDent 3D printer, which assembles all of our mechanical and optical designs into a powerful dental 3D printer, is engineered to the very last detail of which every micron was designed to conform to the highest performance standards.




DLP Technology
EvoDent 3D printer uses DLP technology from Texas Instruments. Combined with a high-powered UV-LED light source, EvoDent is able to print excellent quality, layer by layer.

The EvoDent 3D printer's pixel resolution is 58 μm, which is much higher than laser spot (SLA). Generally, SLA laser spot's diameter is between 120 and 300 µm. EvoDent has a larger accuracy advantage over SLA machines.

With adopted industrial DLP technology, the EvoDent 3D printer has an excellent imaging performance. DLP’s distortion rate of the same kind is generally around 0.8%. EvoDent's lens performance is eight times higher (less than 0.1%).

UV-LED Light Source
The EvoDent 3D printer is based on a solid state UV-LED light source. Its extraordinary power stability and performance leads to an accurate, repeatable and fast printing process. Using a UV radiation source allows us to support a broader range of high-performance materials with superior optical and mechanical properties.


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