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CEDE Poznan 2019

September 19, 2019 - September 21, 2019, Poland - 60-734 Poznań, Poland

CEDE Poznan 2019

CEDE (Central European Dental Exhibition) has the longest tradition of any such exposition in Poland, having been held uninterruptedly since 1991.  Only once, in 2016, did it yield centre stage to the World Dental Exhibition FDI, a companion event of the FDI Congress (World Dental Federation). Today, the Polish edition of the Congress is seen as a template for those organising similar events.

CEDE 2019 is a continuation of the “More than an Exhibition” project, which highlights the unbreakable bond between science and business.  Over the years the event has been steadily expanded to include more and more features that are having a real impact on the development of Polish dentistry and at the same time are helping create a more integrated environment.

Poznan International Fair grounds
Głogowska Str. 14, 60-734 Poznań, Poland


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